Website Help & Policies
HELP - The site is designed to be user friendly.  But, if help is needed:
- indicates the "click it!" Help Topic is available without logon
  • Use the website Contact Us feature and select the appropriate addressee from the 'Send To' options.
    • Response may be slower but would be sent directly to your e-mail address.
  • The Site Search feature could also provide helpful direction.
  • For larger problems or more involved issues, consult the Message Board's Website & Personal Technology Help section.
    • Chances are that other residents need help on this same topic and can benefit from reading about your situation and the replies to your post.
    • All website volunteers and residents have access to the Message Board, which means you may get quicker -- and more -- responses.  You'll be tapping into a larger knowledge base.

  • Threatening, abusive, profane, and religion- or political-opinion content will be removed.
  • For your security, all content (except the home page) is password protected. This means:
    • Only identified community residents, with registered accounts, can access site content.
    • Your registered member account profile is secure.
    • You must not share your login username and password with anyone - including family.  All identified community residents are eligible for, and encouraged to obtain, their own registered personal account.
  • Please be patient.
    • Resident website volunteers are dedicated to making the site the best it can be.
    • It may take time for volunteers to respond to requests and implement changes.

Recent Page Changes

  • 6/28/2021 - Added link to Help for RSVP
  • 6/18/2021 - Updated graphics
  • 6/6/2021 - Updated several Help guides to reflect new Website domain name